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What Is The Salam Business Club

The Salam Business Club is a social business network that targets Arab, Asian and Muslim markets all over the world. Our services are not restricted to members of Muslim faith. Non-Muslims are also very much welcomed. !

Anyone that is planning on getting into business with partners from Muslim countries as well as Muslims planning on entering western markets, seeking human or venture capital from western countries or trying to reach a wider audience with their products and services is invited to join us.

Services offered on the Salam Business Club include typical features of a social network, such as setting up your business profile, giving information about your person, your education and skills, your business, your interests and what exactly you are offering or seeking .

All of this is based on our claim "building bridges", which is, in a wider context, to be understood as "building bridges between the Muslim and the non-Muslim world" .

You can read more about us and this platform in the following interview :
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